Log On

When you click Search from your Library's Home page, the PAC toolbar will display along with the search options available to you through your Library.  In the PAC toolbar, you will see an option to Log On, as shown below:


You have the opportunity to log on from the PAC toolbar before you begin your first search.  By logging on now, you will be able to place holds and to view My Account for the entire time you are utilizing the PAC.  Your Log On information will already be populated any time your Log On is required, making it easier for you to move around the PAC.

Note:  If you do not remember your Patron / Alternate ID Number or PIN, check with your librarian.

Once logged on you will see a message in red, similar to the one below, advising you are logged on.


Log On Procedures

Take a look at the red circled areas in the example below.  The message in red displays, 'Note: You are currently Signed-in', or a similar message advising you have logged on.  The dialog shows your Patron information is already populated for placing a hold because you had previously logged on to the PAC.


See Log Off for information about how to log off your PAC and protect your account information.
See also PAC Toolbar Overview for other options on the PAC toolbar.